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Welcome Prosperity Partner, we are excited to have you a part of the community! 

Inside this Bundle, you’ll find the insider credit tricks we Credit Experts know but never share.

Not me, though – I’m pulling back the curtain and giving you all the goods so you can kiss those wack credit scores goodbye!

These are the exact same secrets we use to fix our clients’ credit and now we’re sharing them with you!

Inside Your Bundle, You’ll Find:

1. My Step-by-Step Starter Guide – You’ll Know the Exact Letters to Send off & When!
2. Master Credit eGuide – So You Can Snatchback & KEEP Your Scores on Track!
3. 25 of my BEST Dispute Letter Templates – Just Plug in Your Info & Mail!
4. The Most Common Errors I’ve Found on My Client’s Credit Reports So You Can Find & Dispute Your Errors RIGHT NOW!
5. My TOP Credit Boosting Cards & How to Use Them!
6. My Best Resource for Keeping Your Scores Snatched!
7. And MORE (a few extra Goodies)!

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