Crush Your Credit Planner!

Real talk: Getting organized is THE first step to fixing your credit.

Now, you could spend hours checking and double-checking your finances, creating custom spreadsheets, and trying to figure out what info you need to include and what to leave out.

OR you could grab your very own Crush Your Credit Planner!

Packed with 51 pages of exclusive content, this planner makes organizing your financial life super easy.

With goal sheets, credit score planners, bill trackers, money worksheets, debt elimination trackers, and more!

My Soar Your Credit Planner will help you keep tabs on every last detail so you can level up your credit score!

SnatchBack Your CREDIT Bundle!

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Free Dispute Letter Templates

Ready to Get Your Dispute On?

Grab our Free Dispute Letter Templates!

Late Payments, Collections, Bureau Report Errors & MORE!

No more wondering “What do I saaaaay?”

We’ve Got You Covered :).

Download. Personalize. Mail.

It’s Just that Simple!

Medical Collections Dispute Guide

*Updated with New Medical Collection Reporting Laws

Medical Collections Dispute Guide comes with:

  • Step-by-Step Dispute Guide
  • Letters to Send to Credit Bureaus
  • Letters to Send to Collection Agencies
  • Follow Up Letters to Send to Credit Bureaus & Collection Agencies
  • Tips for Settling Medical Collections
  • Strategies for Avoiding Medical Debt being Sent to Collections

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Destroy Your Collections Workshop

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– ** 3 HOURS of Non-Stop Collection Destroying Learning! **

Destroy Your Collections Masterclass with ME

Hot Seat Style Q&A Replay with ME

– Full Action Guide (Downloadable) detailing everything that I’ll go over during our 2hrs together.

– Full 6-Step Dispute Letter Template (Downloadable) going over the entire disputing process (it’s really 9, and trust me, I’ll walk you ALL.THE.WAY.THROUGH.IT.)

Full List of Companies that Offer Payment in Exchange for A Deletion from Your Credit Reports!

And MORE!!!

You’ll Learn:

  • When to Dispute A Collection & When to Leave It Alone.
  • Who to Dispute with First – the Credit Bureaus or the Collection Agency.
  • If you REALLY Have to Pay A Collection Agency.
  • In What Circumstances Can You Pay the Original Creditor Instead.
  • What is Pay for Delete and How Does It Work (with dispute letters and call scripts)
  • What is the Difference between Verification & Validation.
  • How Can You Tell if A Collection Has Been Fully Validated or Not
  • How & When to Escalate Your Disputes – Filing Complaints & Suing 

And More!

Boss Up Your Budget Challenge

Two things are important to help you achieve your financial goals:

• Financial Planning
• Budgeting

I’m Going to Help You Crush BOTH!


This Course Will Change Your Entire Outlook On How You View {And Manage} Your Money!


  • Identify the real value of money so you can adequately make informed decisions that closely align with your values.
  • Easily create a savings plan for emergencies and future goals, such as a home, investment property, vacations, or anything else that you desire.
  • Create a paycheck plan that guarantees that you never have to worry about NSF charges, late payments, and subsequent negative credit reporting ever again.
  • Set smart and effective money goals that will enable you to create a plan that includes the cost, time frame, and how much your goal will cost per paycheck.
  • Design a budget that works for you and your unique family situation.
  • Effectively track your expenses and avoid having to always wonder where all your money goes each month.
  • Plan and pay for irregular and impromptu expenses like birthdays, Christmas, and car maintenance.
  • Get the answers you need to create the right financial game plan that’ll enable you to be financially free and live the life that you’ve always wanted!
  • And MORE!

Are you ready to

*Create effective budgeting plans?

*Put yourself in a position to be financially free?

*Finally achieve your BFG (Big Financial Goals)?


Then Smack that Button Below to Get Started!

Success Kit – Boss Up Your Budgets!

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Fire Your Hard Inquiries Workshop

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Course Description

Every time you apply for credit, your credit information will be checked, and a hard inquiry will be placed on your credit file, whether you are approved or not.

Too many of these inquiries can drop your score and can signal to creditors that you may be heading towards financial hardship.

Too many inquiries = too much debt = decreased credit scores.

Who needs that?

Here, I teach you my best tactics for removing 100s of hard Inquiries from my client’s credit reports each year!

Success Kit – Claim My Keys Challenge

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Success Kit -Live Credit Report Mastery Class!

Only for the Live Credit Report Master Challenge 10-11-2021! 

I wanna help you blow out this challenge!

As you know, I’ll be going live every day teaching you how to break down and make $ense of every section of your credit reports.

On top of this, I’ll be giving you daily homework assignments containing actionable steps to complete to ensure your success.


I wanted to go a step further and create something that you can continue to reference after the challenge is over. 

  • Something that you can go back to and review the key lessons and takeaways of each daily lesson. 
  • Something that you can go back to and learn additional strategies and tactics to put the foundation in place to CRUSH your credit goals.
  • Something that you can go back to for disputing processes and dispute letter templates.

Free – Crush Your Financial Goals!

Hey Hey Prosperity Partna!

Are You Ready to CRUSH Your Financial Goals?!

I know you’re screaming “Yes, Netiva, Yes!”  LOL!

Here’s the deal, I start all of my VIP Coaching clients off with the information that you’re about to learn right now.

I’ve found throughout the years, however, that when clients hire me specifically to assist them with their money or credit, they want advice and assistance for that ONLY.


Money & Credit are tools. And if you desire to achieve bigger and better, you have to leverage your tools to BUILD!

Build what?

That is something that only YOU can answer. And once you do…

You’ll need a clear vision and a plan to get there and that is what this class will teach you! How to define and create a plan of action to reach your desired destination :).

When you began your Financial Improvement Journey, I’m sure it was so that you could accomplish a bigger/larger goal. Right? Right!

So, let’s get started!

Credit Makes Sense
All rights reserved

Free 10-Day Claim My Keys

Welcome, Future Home Owner!!!

I am so excited about this Challenge, you have no idea 😊.

You see, helping people Claim the Keys to their New Home is my first passion, which actually led me to credit repair. There is no greater feeling than seeing the happiness and gratitude in a new home owner’s eyes when the keys to their new home are handed over to them – it’s truly the best feeling ever!

However, many never get to experience this exhilarating feeling because they fail to do one thing:


Preparation is the Key to Home Ownership.

Many are surprised when I say this because we often hear that credit, or stable employment, or a large down payment is the key to Claiming Your Keys. Although these are important, they aren’t the primary steps to take when planning for homeownership.

Preparation is.


Because there are a lot of ups and downs in the home buying process, and if you are caught off guard by them, they can make the entire process super stressful. Who needs that?

Thus, you need to prepare. Plus, those who prepare end up spending less money on interest and other fees as well.

So, how do you prepare?

By educating yourself!

I can’t stress enough how empowering education is, whether you’re looking to Soar Your Credit Scores, invest, or – like today – Claim the Keys to your new home, it all starts with education.

I created this free Home Buying Challenge to do just that; educate you on how to strategically prepare to Claim the Keys to your new home. I’ll teach you the steps that are integral to going from “I Want A Home!” to “I Got My Keys!” on the day of your closing.

Some of the Questions You’ll Be Able to Answer After You’ve Completed the Challenge:

  • Do I understand my potential startup costs?
  • Do I understand the loan type that I have the highest chance of being approved for?
  • Do I understand the credit guidelines and know what I need to do to meet them?
  • Am I financially ready to purchase right now? If not, when?

Keep in mind that as we go through each day’s lesson, you may find that you aren’t as anxious to claim your keys as you thought you were; that’s fine! Homeownership is not for everyone. It’s best to learn this now than when you’re in a new home absolutely miserable.

Some of you may find that you’re not ready right now. That’s okay too! Just because you aren’t ready now, doesn’t mean you should give up on your dream, it just means that you should work a little harder. And what worthwhile goal have you accomplished that didn’t take some extra muscle to bring to fruition?

Ready to get started?


Each day, for 10 days, we’ll cover a specific topic in the home buying process. Some lessons will require you to complete specific tasks, and I encourage you to complete them in a timely fashion – no excuses. You want those Keys, right?

Some lessons will require you to post your answers in our online community, Credit Makes $ense, so that we can learn through Case Studies, Discussion, and Questions. PARTICIPATE!

My community has a fierce no-judgment zone policy, and if I can post openly about my bankruptcy, foreclosures (yes, plural), and purchasing a pair of $180 Aldo boots with my rent money in the past, then please believe you can post anything about your finances and not face ridicule. The embarrassment is in your head; not in our loving community. So, get out your head and participate! 😊

Your Pre-assignment – pull a copy of your credit report from one of the recommended sources: (not Credit Karma and not just your scores, your CREDIT REPORT).

It’s no secret that our credit must be on point to purchase a home. Some of our assignments in the next couple of days will require you to reference the items on your report. Plus, you’re in The Frugal CrediTnista’s free challenge, of course, we’re talking credit!!! LOL

Alright Future Homeowner, are you excited?  So am I!!!

Let’s rock 🙂

Your Partner in Prosperity,                   

~ Netiva


Free – 5-Day Credit Report Mastery Class

Welcome to the Prosperity Partners Family!!!

I am super excited to teach you how to begin Mastering Your Credit with my free 5-Day Credit Mastery Challenge!!!

Credit impacts so many areas of our lives – employment, insurance, apartment approvals, homeownership, and more! It is imperative to monitor it on a regular basis to ensure that everything is reporting accurately and completely. This Challenge Will Help You Do Just That!

I’ve been in the real estate and credit industry for over a decade and after educating thousands of future homeowners, clients, and members of my Credit on Fire Academy, I can tell you from experience that the number one concern most consumers have isn’t how to obtain their reports, it’s how to How to Read and Understand What They’re Looking at!

Again, I’m here to help you with that 🙂

We’ll spend 5 days together going over each section of your credit reports in detail.

  • I’ll provide you with screenshot examples from each credit bureau and credit monitoring reports, and
  • Teach you how to pinpoint legit errors on your report, which is crucial to know if you plan on disputing negative items on your credit reports.

Ready to get started? GREAT!

Here are your next steps:

  1. Whitelist and prioritize emails from hello@mnhfinancialservices.com. This is important! If my emails aren’t getting through, you’ll miss all of our updates and you won’t receive the full benefit of being a Prosperity Partner.

2. Create a special Frugal CrediTnista folder where you can archive our 5-day Challenge emails AFTER you have read them. You’ll probably want to go back and revisit a few of the tips I provide having them available at your fingertips works much better than using your email provider’s search function :).

3. We’ll cover credit reports from annualcreditreport.com; the 3 major credit bureaus – Experian, Equifax & Transunion, MyFico.com, Identity IQ, and CreditCheckTotal.com. Although you are not required to have a report from any of the aforementioned sources, it will definitely help to have a report from a reputable source other than Credit Karma, as you’ll need all 3 credit bureau information.

4. I’m sure you’ll have questions. I encourage you to ask them inside of our free Credit Makes $ense Community!

I look forward to hearing about your credit transformation :).

~ The Frugal CrediTnista


Fire Your Collections Masterclass

Course description

This course will walk you through How to Fire Your Collections once and for all!

You’ll learn:

  • My Complete Disputing Process for Tackling Collections – from Beginning to End
  • How to Spot Violations to Strengthen Your Dispute Letters (specifics, not fluff!)
  • How to Deal with Debt Collectors Over the Phone
  • How to Respond to A Debt Collector Letter
  • How to Negotiate A Settlement on A Collection Account
  • And More!
Netiva Heard, Financial Educator

Netiva Heard, Financial Educator

Netiva "The Frugal CrediTnista" is a Financial Educator, Certified Credit Counselor, Personal Finance Coach, IL Realtor & Owner of MNH Financial Services, LLC!

She has a Masters in Business Management & Finance and several certifications in the Credit, Finance and Real Estate Industry.

For over 10 years, she has been assisting consumers in Destroying their Debts, Growing their Money and Soaring their Credit Scores.

Empowering, educating and equipping consumers with the tools and resources they need to Transform Their Finances is both her purpose and passion. She is committed to delivering up-to-date, quality and factual financial information that will positively impact the finances of households across the country.

Contact Netiva "The Frugal CrediTnista" at info@mnhcreditsolutions.com.

The Ultimate Credit Masterclass

Over 4000 people have taken this training, it is by far our BEST course to quickly take your credit knowledge to the next level!

Your Credit Masterclass Includes:

  • 7 Video Training Modules
  • 5 Fast Action Guides w/Dispute Letter Templates for Every Account You Want to Tackle
  • 15 *Fact Check & Extra Credit Handouts
  • 5 Expert Training Videos on Student Loans, Bankruptcy, & Home Ownership!

Here’s A Sneak Peek of What You’ll Learn:

**Instructional Video Lesson 1** – Master Your FICO Scores

• Take A Peek Behind the Curtain of FICO’s Dive into FICO’s Scoring Algorithm & Get My BEST Strategies on How to Quickly SOAR Your FICO Scores!

**Instructional Video Lesson 2** – Master Your Strategy Learn How to Create Your Custom Credit Soaring Action Plan

• You’ll Learn What to Dispute (Along w/How & Why), What to Leave Alone, Pitfalls to Avoid & MORE! {Complete w/Dispute Letter Templates!}

**Instructional Video Lesson 3** – All About Public Record Bankruptcies!

• Learn the Dispute Tactics Credit Repair Companies Charge $1000s for! – Best Practices, Downloadable Action Guide, Dispute Letter Templates, & MORE!

**Instructional Video Lesson 4** – Collections & Settling Your Debts ***Get NEW Updates Here!!!

• Learn When to Dispute, When to Settle, & When to Ignore & More! Dispute Letter Templates Included!

**Instructional Video Lessons 5** – Inquiries, Late Payments & Charge-Offs

• Learn My Top Strategy that has Helped 100’s Remove These Bad Boys from their Credit Reports!


Preparing for Home Ownership** – 3 Video Lessons on VA Loans, FHA, USDA, the Mortgage Process & MORE!

Tackling Your Bankruptcies & Student Loans** – 2 Video Lessons w/Licensed Attorney Teaching You How to Tackle BOTH!

It’s Time to Experience Great Credit with My Ultimate Credit Repair Masterclass!

See You Inside :)!

Netiva Heard, Certified Financial Educator

Netiva Heard, Certified Financial Educator

Netiva Heard is the personal finance coach people call when the only thing standing between them and their next major life move are their finances.

Affectionately known to her clients as the “The Goal Crusher's Credit Coach”, she offers honest, no-non-cents advice that helps individuals and couples to create rock-solid financial foundations that they can begin leveraging to create.

While servicing hundreds of private clients with 1:1 coaching through her full-service company, "The Frugal CrediTnista", she also regularly pours her financial wisdom into students of her online school, Credit on Fire Academy, and her free online community, Credit Makes $ense, which has allowed her to teach over 200,000 people how to achieve 700 FICO scores and above.

With Netiva by their side, women and couples across the country are learning to Master their Money, Destroy their Debts, and Soar their Credit Scores! If you know it’s time to finally crush your money goals, learn more about Netiva and her work at MNHFinancialServices.com.

Free – Soar Your Credit Scores! Understanding the Basics

Course description

My Understanding the Basics webinar will give you the fundamentals for repairing, restoring, and rebuilding your credit scores!

We will cover:

~ What is Credit & Why It Is Important
~ How Information Gets On Your Credit Report
~ How to Obtain A Free Copy of Your Credit Report
~ Breaking Down FICO
~ What You Should Look for When Repairing Your Credit
~ Consumer Laws & How to Use Them to Restore Your Credit
~ How to Successfully Dispute (w/Sample Dispute Letters)


If you’re looking to get more understanding of how the credit repair process works, and actionable tips to ensure your success; this eCourse is for you!!!

Ready to get started? Let’s Go!